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Essential Dog Services

193A Wick Road


Bristol BS4 4HP

Phone: 07771 657406

About me

I'm Mary Hanham. I established Essential Dog Services in 2012. I have 2 beautiful collie cross huskies, Cujo and Tess who love having friends to walk and play with everyday!.

The dogs and I are all about fun. We walk, we run, we play, we cuddle, we do agility, we eat and rest....a great life !!!

I love the varity of breeds and sizes and watching them enjoying themselves. The greetings I get when they arrive at mine or when I open their door is so rewarding.

I'm never happier than walking in the pouring rain getting soaked and muddy...just what lifes about - and lucky really considering the English weather !! Dogs are cleaned up before returning home!


Name         Mary Hanham

Position     Owner

Contact Information

                  07771 657406