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Essential Dog Services

193A Wick Road


Bristol BS4 4HP

Phone: 07771 657406

Terms and Conditions

EDS reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions and when doing so will inform all clients.

All information about you, your property and any service provided will be held in strict confidence by EDS and will not be disclosed to any third party.

 Pet Care

  1. I (client) authorise EDS to perform dog walking as outlined in the attached registration form which shall become part of this contract.
  2. If the pet(s) becomes unwell while under the care of EDS, I authorise the carer designated by EDS to care for my pet(s), to transport my pet(s) to my veterinarian (or one who is available) if this is needed in the pets best interest. I authorise EDS to approve any emergency treatment recommended by the veterinarian and I agree to pay promptly for charges incurred. I release EDS from all liabilities related to transportation, treatment and expense.


  1. EDS will provide the services required at the price as found on our current price list.
  2. Any change in the agreement from the client must be made within 48 hours of the service. Failure to notify a change within 48 hours may incur a charge.
  3. I/we agree to reimburse EDS for any additional fees for tending emergency or veterinary care as well as expenses incurred for any other unexpected home, food or special requirement.
  4. Walking
    1. If a trial walk is required, payment will be on the day.
    2. One off arrangements will be paid on the day
    3. Regular arrangements will be invoiced at the end of the month and payment expected on receipt.
  5. If payment is not received at the agreed time, the service may be withdrawn and your place lost.


  1. Client expressly waives and relinquishes any and all claims against EDS, its employees and associates, except those arising from negligence on the part of EDS.
  2. It is expressly understood and agreed that EDS shall not be made responsible for any damage to the clients' property, or that of others, caused by the clients pet(s) during the period in which they are in its care. I (the client) have advised EDS of other situations that will relieve them of liability for damage.
  3. The client will be liable for the carer's expenses and damage resulting from an animal bite.
  4. The client will be responsible for any expenses as a result of non-declaration of relevant information within the registration forms and will result in the pet(s) being returned to them or to the nominated emergency contact and any services withdrawn. No monies will be refunded.