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Dog Walks

Dog walking - Group walking and play is essential for a dogs socialisation, body language and politeness skills and for having fun (and tiring them out)!

Collected using a dog friendly crated van, the dogs are taken to various locations where there are big open spaces for free running and playing, woodland and water. Always away from roads and traffic - we even occasionally go to the beach!

I only do 2 walks each day. The first in the morning and the second early afternoon. This ensures that the walks aren't rushed, giving me the flexibilty to go over the hour and clean the dogs up before they go home.

There are up to 6 dogs in the group but each group will be of well suited dogs. Full attention is given to the dogs with walking, running, swimming, games and rewards (rewards can be healthy treats, cuddles, a quick game of tuggy etc).

Mums and dads are given regular feedback on what their dogs have been up to, which includes photos and video - see the gallery tab and our Facebook page, to help put their minds at rest that each and every dog is happy and well cared for.

I constantly monitor the dogs and report back any concerns I have regarding health or behavior and discuss possible solutions with owners.

If you are interested in my dog walking service thats fantastic! We'll arrange a consultation to discuss your requirements, complete the necessary forms and book a trial walk for me to get to know your dog(s) and to ensure they are happy with their new friends. They will join one of my scheduled walks and will get to meet some of our other four legged friends who come out with me.